Bomrani, the first day of Termeh

محتوای آکارئون

About the style and context of Bamrani’s works: Performancing on the first day of Termeh
For almost fourteen years, we have heard the sound of Bomrani music from the basements
to the biggest stages of Tehran and from the house of Zinat al-Muluk in Shiraz to the cities of
Europe. Bomrani was created in 2008 by “Behzad Omrani”. After the arrival of Mani Mozkka,
the Harmonica player, and Jahanyar Ghorbani, the Electric guitar player, it became a Band.
The other musicians of this Band are Arash Omrani (Piano player), Kiarash Omrani (Electric
Guitar player), Salar Asghari (Drummer). Abtin Yaghmayian was the previous drummer in this
Band. In addition, let us not forget that the initial ideas for forming this group resulted from
Behzad Omrani’s collaboration with Hamidreza Behzadian. Since then, Behzad has worked as
the group’s founder, singer, and rhythm guitarist.
In the beginning, Bomrani’s music was heard informally with numerous performances in
cafes and with the albums like „Asemane Zard, Khorshide Abi, Jurab haye lokht” . In a few
years, the range of performances increased, and they reached the theatres of Tehran. Then,
in 2004, the first official album of this group called „Otubuse Ghermez“ was released by
Chekeh Publishing. This means that Bomrani took the first step to entering the world of
music licenses with music for children and teenagers. In the next years, the albums like
“Makhraj Moshtarak,” “Gozashtan va Raftane Peyvaste” , “Sizdah Chehel” and “Ehtemalan
Qahramani dar kar nist” were released, which was popular by the audience.
What are Bomrani’s features?
In the last Festivals through the years, Bomrani has been categorized as “mixture music,”
while it seems wrong. In fact, the group has not adhered to a specific style since its
inception. What we heard on Bomrani’s early albums was more like blues music, but in later
years, we also heard country, pop, progressive rock, and even ambient music on the band’s
licensed albums. Despite this stylistic diversity, Bomrani’s music had a distinctive and
constant feature all these years: Being popular. This Band is very popular among people and
especially young people. It seems that one of this group’s attractive points is breaking the
boundaries of modern Persian Vocal music published in the Iranian music market. These
Boundaries are from music and composition and from poetry and words.
With a brief overview of the history of this group, it can be said that Bomrani is one of the
few active and licensed music groups in Iran that presents popularised music in a standard
version and not just commercial way and in the context of the media. In this way, popular
can also be considered as meaning the musical genre in the West, which has sub-categories
such as country, blues, etc. Bomrani is also moving toward this unique music, which has its
roots in European and American music but has taken on a Persian theme, and now we have
to wait for its future performances and works

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